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Useful Georgia Government Websites

State of Georgia

Attorney General of Georgia

Georgia General Assembly

Georgia House of Representatives

Georgia Senate

Department of Agriculture

Animal Industry, Food Safety, Fuel and Measures, Plant Industry

Department of Community Health

Medicaid, CHIP, State Health Plan, Licensing, CON, etc

Department of Human Services

Aging Services, Family and Children Services, Child Support

Department of Public Health

WIC, EMS, Vital Records, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Health, Trauma, Infectious Diseases, Refugee Health, etc

Department of Insurance

Insurance, Fire Marshall, Industrial Loans

Department of Revenue

Taxes, Motor Vehicles, Alcohol and Tobacco

Georgia Lottery Corporation

Lottery, Coin Operated Amusement Machine Licensing and Regulation

Georgia Secretary of State

Corporation Registration, Elections, Licensing

Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission State Ethics Commission

Lobbyists registration and filings, Campaign Registration and Reports.