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Successes and Testimonials

buildingWe have extensive experience advocating on behalf of our clients to the state legislature in a variety of subject areas.

  • Played an integral role in the re-regulation of a highly complex, private industry including drafting legislation, lobbying legislation as well as working with multiple state agencies for rule-making through the implementation process
  • Successfully managed a coalition of companies and associations toward the passage of legislation opening the door for the retail sale of alcohol on Sundays
  • Played an leadership role in reforming the state’s Certificate Of Need program, allowing an out of state, previously prohibited, specialty hospital to locate in the state
  • New funding for Alzheimer’s related projects in 3 separate agencies for SFY15
  • Passage of legislation creating Alzheimer’s Registry in the state (currently working with department on regulations and implementation of the bill)
  • Successful defense of mail order pharmacy year over year

“Humberstone is among the best around at working the lobbying ropes and getting the votes her side needs.”
-AJC, January 11, 2014

“Sheila is tenacious, intelligent, operates with the highest of integrity, and is respected by legislators and fellow lobbyists. Her success in high profile issues makes her a perfect choice to represent your company.”
-Kathy Kuzava, President, Georgia Food Industry Association

“Our Association had never employed an outside lobbying firm, but when the time came to make a recommendation, our first choice was Sheila Humberstone and Stone Bridge. My personal observation of her previous work on behalf of her clients made this an easy choice for our organization.”
-Jim Tudor, President Georgia Association of Convenience Stores